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Super Castle: Recommended Mode: Peaceful/Easy.

Used Resources/Blocks in Photo: Bricks, Stone Slabs, Stone, Red Wool.

Recomended People: 8-MAX

 What to do with Interior: You can make it look like a Real Castle by making a Kings Throne, Long Dining Table using Wooden Slabs And Wooden Fence. Also have a Church/Cathedral Inside Or by the castle.

Or you can make waterfalls and lava falls.(you can do whatever you want theese are recomendations only)

This Website is created so people like me can have inspiration, some of these photographs I didn't Create but none of Those I put on the main article (Above this text) Such as the Cathedral in the slide show on the right. This is my first website so anything you dislike or think i can improve please notify me. Also if you have any ideas for the site please also notify me using the box to the right.

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